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“There is no perfect ice flow and no faultless human beings…”

When you forgive yourself for your shortcomings, it can set you free to be your best.
By extending your compassionate feelings to others you enhance your ability to grow.


Because when you accept your own private weaknesses, mistakes and failures,
You gain greater understanding and appreciation for those personal challenges of others.

What can be especially uncomfortable is when the people close to you;
Family, friends or people of your inner circle knowingly or not become difficult, 
An opportunity presents itself and something special happens when you let your heart guide you. 

You will be amazed by the benefit of “Thawing a Flaw” and how valuable this can be to you.
You can only feel the unconditional power you gain from heartfelf experience for yourself.

We all have countless lessons to be learned in life. The best of us get knocked off course. 
However when you promote your life from your heart with unconditional nonjudgemental forgiveness…

You can create a space of harmony in your small corner of the world that is irreplaceable and contagious.

When you begin to make a concentrated effort to forgive yourself and others,
You will grow to realize that forgiveness is as necessary to life as:
The air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat.

Reflect on a past cause for forgiveness, just for a few minutes and observe your feelings.
The emotions that you stir up are as real today as they were than.
You can do it any where and any time. You can do it right now and you will know the feeling.

When you start freeing yourself of past baggage, burdens and so called failures…
You lighten the heaviness and lessen the excessive influences you clear your way to be. 

Empowering is the feeling of freedom because you know you have, can and will make the effort.
By way of forgiveness you can carry positive energy into your future with confidence and courage.

Flow Free... Flow Free... Flow Free... 

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