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Dad, the most positive influence in my life.


One of his favorite sayings use to be…

Son, your best effort will always be enough.”

I wrote this poem for him on his 60th birthday:

The Rock

No family could have a stronger more stable foundation.
Diamond hard and durable as granite, an unbeatable combination.
Weather worn with the look of a polished gem.
As tough as they come a real man among men.
The gifts you have given me no one can buy…
Don’t ever give up and never say die.
I’ve learned things from you that no books could possibly teach.
Like patience, pride and that life isn’t always a day at the beach! 
You’ve been a teacher, a coach but most of all one hell of a man. 
For all you ever asked of me is… “Do the best that I can.”
You took me to ball parks and for rides in the PD. 
When you had to you would put me over your knee. 
You gave of your time working all of your life. 
I just want you to know it was worth all the strife.
You worked with me so when I was a “wee little lad”. 

You helped me grow when I’d “come home so sad”. 
Some day I hope to be a father and
“A hero like my dear old dad”.

Thanks Dad with Love,

"Rest assured you'll have my best effort
when ever you practice with me."