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"What do you think you are going to do play your whole life?" 

4-Boys-255x300Dad-Police-Officer1-215x300Mom-and-Me0001-218x300Bayville Bridge 1

I'm the oldest of four boys, leading and coaching came naturally to me. Dad was a peace officer and mom a school teacher. Honest hard working people living the American dream. We were fortunate to live in a beach village on Long Island.

Baby Phone BoxingJack Jake MeSports Fitness 5 DecadesPast-Gyms-235x300

Before I could even walk I was promoting health. At age five I would watch and perform exercises with Jack LaLanne daily. I received a scholarship for athletics to a private school by seventh grade. My summer employment throughout high school was with my mentor, Coach Jake, teaching physical education and weight training. Sports, especially wrestling kept me grounded through my high school and college years. Everything guided me into the health and fitness industry...  

Babe  I 2LEMANA1-202x300Blair and IComet Sun

Great reminders of how precious life is and how lucky I am... The green mountains of Vermont and my boxing class united me with my best friend and wife, Lisa. We bought a house, married and started a family of our own. We raised two sons, Lema and Blair, numerous four legged friends; here's my present training partner Comet and pictured below my grandson, Gabriel.  

 Gabe and I7952399-open-heart-cardiac-bypass-surgeryMe  Dads Head StoneDad Cooking

Saddly, Fitness was not dad's world but it is mine, you see, dad never got to see any of his sons marry, play with his grandchildren or hold his great grandson because a family history of heart complications would take him way too early, however, Dad's spirit still lives...  

Yes dad, "I'm still playing", thanks to you and mom. I followed my heart by doing what I love, promoting health and happiness while, Helping people believe in themselves and reinforcing their best effort is enough...

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